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Visible is a prepaid cell phone plan that’s all in at $40 a month! Whats the catch? That’s the best part, Visible is owned by Verizon and comes with unlimited talk, text and data. All back by Verizon’s nationwide 4G network. Here is my honest review, why I am now a loyal Visible customer and how it could change your outlook on paying too much for cell phone service.

Paying too much for you’re phone bill? Tired or being capped at data limits? Plans like AT&T, Verizon, Mint Mobile, Boost Mobile and Cricket all offer great prepaid phone plans. But, there is always a catch that when it sounds too good to be true! Throttled speeds, data limits and poor coverage. Read on to learn why Visible’s offering is one of the best cell phone plans on the market.

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Over the past year I have jumped around from one phone plan to the next. I was always trapped by either a cheap cell phone plan that capped data limits or one that had unlimited data but would throttle the speed of the 4G LTE network.

I was tired of paying almost $120/month to use my iPhone that I owned outright. Enough was enough and this is where you will discover why Visible is redefining how a cell phone plan should be offered to everyone.

Visible is a prepaid cell phone carrier owned by Verizon and offering service on their robust nationwide $g network. Visible’s one and only phone Plan gives you unlimited talk, text and data for just $40. This is hands down one of the best deals you’ll find.

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What is Visible?

Visible is a new cell phone carrier brand owned by Verizon. Yes, Verizon owns this company so you are running on Verizon’s highly-touted network.

Visible phones and plans are sold exclusively online, or through the Visible app. They call it a way to ” get better phone service without ever having to on pants.” Yes, you typically have to put on pants when you decided to leave the house and that’s where you can count on amazing coverage aboard the #1 network in the country.

Visible Cell Phone Plan

Let’s keep this short, since they only offer one plan and it’s pretty good plan at that. Visible offers an unlimited plan with Unlimited talk, text, and data, all for one low price of $40/month. The best part of all it is run on the most trusted network in the country. I doubt you could find a plan better than this offer. I have done my fair share of carrier hopping and I finally found the diamond in the rough!

Visible Phone Plans from Website

Visible Phones

There is no problem buying a phone through Visible. They offer a nice selection of top-of-the-kine phones from Apple, Samsung and Google. They offer installment plans with financing partner Affirm or the option to purchase all devices outright.

Visible Phones

Visible Coverage

The truth: wherever Verizon has coverage, Visible has coverage.

Here’s how the 4g coverage breaks down numerically between the four majors:

  • #1 Verizon: 70% 4G coverage
  • #2 T-Mobile: 59% 4G Coverage
  • #3: AT&T: 58% 4G coverage
  • #4: Sprint 27% 4G coverage (T-Mobile and Sprint are currently in Merger Deal)

Here is a map of Verizon’s (Visible’s) coverage map below just to show you how powerful their coverage is.

Visible Phone Plan: Who It’s Best For

I can’t think of another reason that this plan is not right for almost everyone! $40/month for an unlimited plan on Verizon’s network is a downright steal.

Remember, with Visible signing up is a breeze without having to put much thought into what to choose. The biggest decision is to bring your own phone or having to pick from some of the best phones on the planet. The fact is for $40/month all in. To me, that seems like it’s pretty worth it.

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Take action head over to Visible’s website, learn more about how cutting that cell phone bill is possible. Share with friends and family!

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